April 26, 2014

New Blog

I will no longer be posting on LyannaJeanDesigns.com.

My new site is: BlueStripedRoom.wordpress.com

Please join me there! Thanks.

April 18, 2014

Bee Blocks

This month the bee block that I was asked to make was the Starburst Block by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Only one block was requested by this month's Queen, but I was loving making it so much that I made another!

What do you think?? I can't even decide which one I like better!

On a side not, the first 2 pictures of the Starburst blocks above are actually turned sideways. This orientation looked the best of all the photos I took. I'm thinking I should just put tape on all four corners of the blocks I photograph next time so it's not noticeable.

Last month, it took me forever to get my bee blocks done. I'll be the first to admit I was a slacker! The block was the Freewheeling Block from the book '99 Modern Blocks'. Very cool book.

This was the first time I tried any paper piecing, and this was a pretty easy block to start with. I was sewing along, super happy with how fast it was going.

Then, I realized that the last 2 triangles I added to the outside of the color triangle was not placed correctly and didn't go all the way to where the seam allowance needed to end. On EVERY SINGLE BLOCK. So sad it was though, especially since there were 4 smaller blocks to make up one block. My seam ripper and I are a little closer now.

See those corners, ahh!

Either way, I'm having tons of fun doing bee blocks each month!! How about you?? Have you joined a quilting bee?

April 16, 2014

Maggie's Quilt

I finally finished a quilt this year... feels like it took forever.

I used the Summer In The Park tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company.

It was really quick, and easy. My favorite part is the scrappy binding, that will definitely be happening again!

In fact, I'm thinking it would look great in brights & low volumes, or maybe even super bright jewel tones (throw in some of that radiant orchid while we're at it).

I did stippling for the quilting, not very dense at all. This may have been my fastest quilting too, did it in one afternoon!

The back is quite boring, just using up some leftover brown, and a light brown floral.

Even though these colors aren't my first choice, the lady I made it for loves it. Yay!

April 2, 2014

Is it Spring Yet?

March was crazy. I think we got a few feet of snow last month, with a few 60+ degree days sprinkled throughout. It is amusing how nature tempts us.

Naturally, during all of this weather indecisiveness my kids all took turns having colds and I was even under the weather for a spell. That says a lot I guess, considering how up and down the weather actually was.

We were lucky to get outside and do a little garden prepping in the first few weeks of March. And, we managed to squeak in a few seeds on the 31st (seeds got started for sprouting indoors then too).

I absolutely love how much my children enjoy gardening. This year they get to have their own garden, instead of Mommy have to share. They are so very excited. So far they've planted corn, their flowers & melons will go in in about a month or so. We decided to try growing our carrots in containers this year, we might actually get to eat them instead of the locals (rabbits/chipmunks).

I've noticed that this year the soil in the taller raised bed is very light, almost like fluffy feeling. Maybe some organic compost will do the trick. I'm not quite sure about composting in the yard since it's somewhat small, but then again there's got to be some ideas online, I mean on Pinterest....

While we're on the subject, I found this fantastic (I mean FANTASTIC) cake recipe on Pinterest. It's for a Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake, but I subbed sour cream for yogurt (it's what I had on hand). This cake taste like the best strawberry lemonade you've ever tasted, so if you're in the need for something to remind you of warmer days this is the cake!

As far as sewing goes, I've been busy with the bee I joined as well as the MSM swap that I signed up for (just in the nick of time). It's fun to make different blocks each month as well as try to plan out and make something cool for the MSM swap. Posting photos on Flickr has been my go-to route to sharing this month, but here's a little snippet of my swap:

What have you been playing with this spring so far?? Hopefully it's colorful and warm!
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