April 6, 2010

Sharks Jammies!

Since this is my 100th post, I wanted to do something fun.

I bought some knit jersey type fabric with sharks on it some time ago. Since we moved back in October, I haven't found a home for all of my fabric yet. Lo and behold, my 4 year old saw said fabric and remembered that we were going to make shark jammies for him out of it. We actually got 2 pairs of jammies out of the yard, woohoo.

The easiest way to make jammies for boys, at least for me, is to simply trace a pair of pants you already have to get your pattern. If you want to make a size bigger, just add about and inch around all your pieces to make it big enough.

I did this for the pants of the jammies, but for the shirt we did something quite different. The shirt was on sale at target, $1.50, that's right.

The "technique" to get the aplique to match your fabric is, drumroll please, a scanner. I just scanned the fabric, resized the picture I wanted, printed it in black and white (my shark was white in the fabric). Then, I like to color it black and scan it again so I have it saved on my computer. Here's what it looks like:

Feel free to use this image for a pattern, I quite like how it turned out. I believe it's supposed to be very close to a Great White Shark.

Yay for new jammies!!!
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