November 13, 2009

Friday Find: Vintage Christmas

I know I usually do a Friday Find that is one crafter, site, or organization, but I wanted to spice things up a bit.

I love vintage Christmas stuff! I mean love. I have some vintage push pin ornaments, and they are a close second to all the ones that my kids have made that go on our tree. I am sure that throughout the years I will be adding more to my collection.

November 7, 2009

My First Custom Order

I can't even describe how excited I am. I just finished my first custom order, that isn't a family member or friend! Yay!

Remember this hat? Well, I guess someone loved how it looked and asked me to make one. Mind you, the hat itself that I had I actually bought at a store, but making a pattern for it was way fun!! I love it so much, and had so much fun making it, that I do believe I will be making more and selling them in my shop! I have even considered selling the pattern, but that means I have to make it make sense to other people :)

Thanks soooo much Nancy for being my very first internet custom order-er, I think I will just have to name the hat after you, or your daughter if you would prefer :)

November 3, 2009

4 Square Knitted Preemie Blanket Pattern

Since I will be attempting to organize a Greyson's Gifts Charity locally, I figured why not come up with a super easy pattern to knit up a Preemie-sized baby blanket. Here it is:

This pattern is for a 12 inch premie-sized baby blanket.

-Lion Brand Cotton Ease Yarn in White, 1 skein (or any other yarn with same gauge)
-Size 8 knitting needles
-yarn needle

Ready, Set, Relax...
Cast On 60 stitches. Knit 4 rows.

Rows 5-40: knit 30 stitches, purl 27 stitches, knit 3 stitches.

Rows 41-75: knit 3 stitches, purl 27 stitches, knit 30 stitches.

Knit 4 rows. Cast Off. Weave in ends. Ta-Da!

Edited to add: I would LOVE to see any blocks/projects you create with this pattern! Feel free to join & share in my Flickr group: Your Lyanna Jean Designs.

Just a reminder, my patterns are for your personal use and enjoyment only. They have not been tested, so if you find an error feel free to let me know at

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