February 20, 2009


I have literally been sewing EVERYDAY since I got my new machine. Well, maybe not on Sundays, or some Saturdays, anyway... The point is: I LOVE MY NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I finished a very fun blanket! I have made a few, for my boys, in the past. I used a standard zigzag stitch to attach the apliques on the top. But, my new machine has a blanket stitch! I was so excited to try it out, and finally finish this blanket!! I am now 1 project closer to clearing out my UFO pile/closet/everything!! (By UFO, I mean UnFinished Objects)

Here are a few pics:I just love the way this stitch looks for this project!!

February 16, 2009

Introducing "Topless Pants"

So, I made my first pair of 'babylegs', in all of 10 minutes!! They turned out so well, even my hubby thought they were cute! I just got some socks I don't wear anymore, and went to town. I think I will be making LOTS more to sell as "Topless Pants", but out of new socks of course! Here is my little Pooka sporting the only boyish ones I had on hand.

All I did was cut the sock right above the heel. Then to make the cuff, I cut off the rest of the heel and the toe. I then cut down the bottom of the sock between the toe and heel that I just cut out, and sewed it back together taking it in about an inch worth. Folded that baby in half, sewed it to the bottom of the leg part of the sock, and TADA!! I think I am officially hooked... :)
I think Daddy was hiding because he was having a bad hair day... :D

February 13, 2009

Watch Out!

I just got done looking through a few search engines and blogs, and I am now going to make some homemade babylegs!! I have some knee highs that I don't wear right now, and winter is soon coming to an end which means... THEY'LL BE GOING ON SALE SOON!!!! Wooo HOOOO!!!

February 9, 2009

New This Week

I just finished a quilt block holder. It's cute as ever, and I just love this fabric! I do have to say, I think I am going to make one of these for myself! Maybe gift them to the super nice ladies I go to the local quilting club with.... IDEAS IDEAS!!

I also decided to try my hand at making some training pants for my little guy. I think they turned out rather well, first time using FOE too! I even was gutsy and used a zigzag stitch on the FOE... walking on the wild side, I know.

February 8, 2009

My New-found Excitement!

So, even though I am due with my 4th child in June, there are other things for me to be excited about lately!

For instance, I have just recieved a very nice new sewing machine that my loving husband has provided for me! My very FIRST new machine!! All the others have been hand-me-downs or purchased rehabs. But this one even came in a box! How exciting?!?! I was excited just reading the manual yesterday!

Secondly, my new-found love for FOE (Fold Over Elastic)! Oh, this stuff is so versatile! I woke up early this morning just thinking of all that I can do with this stuff, and my new machine. I feel like a kid at Christmas! Thanks to words from a woman at http://olivejanedesigns.blogspot.com/ , and all her links, I am even more excited about FOE!!!
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