September 17, 2012

Log Cabin Anyone?

My new quilt project (like I need a new one....) is a scrappy log cabin, I guess that's the category it falls in. I have never done a log cabin before, and have seen tons of them online that I love love.

Honestly, I just couldn't wait anymore to finish other things before starting one, although I did quilt and bind a twin last weekend (go me!). The top was from Mrs. Millie, the same woman who has done tops for charity in the past that I have quilted.

I posted about the first block a little while back, and of course all my ideas about how this quilt will end up have changed.

I did take off and change the last strip of the block, I felt like it had too much of the pieced strips. Isn't that medium blue much better?

And, there is also a second block that has joined the party:

Needless to say, I am not sticking with the 9-patch center for these blocks. I plan to do a different center for each of the 6 blocks that will make up the quilt, I'm thinking of keeping them all traditional.

Each block will finish at 24 inches, and I'm really wanting to do some funky sashing like maybe some flying geese or 5 inch squares on point. We shall see once all the blocks are done.

There is some sketching that needs to get done, and a little playing with colors and shapes and whatnot.

I love the design process!

This one is mine, all mine! I may even spoil myself and get it long-armed.

What does my husband think of this you ask?

Well, when I asked him what he thought, his reply was "it looks a little busy." Thanks hun for the "compliment" (wink wink).

September 12, 2012

Mommy Daughter Time

It's not too often that I get to spend some quality time one-on-one with my kids, unless of course you're the nursing baby.

However, my soon to be 10 year old seems to have gotten the 'occasional wake up uber early' bug. (side note: I feel so old having a kid that will soon have double digits for their age, I know... waa waa).

What started as this:

Was quickly turned into this:

A's First Quilt Block

I am so proud of her. (insert Mommy sigh and cheesey grin)

We have spent some time together learning to sew, and I really should post about her first sewing project. Better yet, I think I could get her to 'guest post' about her first sewing project... good idea?

I only helped out on this block in 2 areas: ironing, and recommending to space light/dark fabrics instead of bunching. I did also write the notes on her design sheet. Other than that, this is all her!

It did take a little convincing to get her to stop holding her head in various forms of this so that I could get a good picture.

She wasn't believing me that it wasn't such a great photo when she did that. What do I know??

I can't wait to see the next block!

September 6, 2012

Finished King #2!

School has started, and somehow there still hasn't been much sewing time.

How is that possible??

Oh yea, I forgot I'm trying to put the house in a somewhat organized state after summer. I feel like as soon as I am finished then the kids will have a week off school and we're right back where I started.

We're planning to do a yard sale this Saturday, trying to be more proactive at getting stuff out that we don't need/use anymore. Not only that, but anything that doesn't sell gets donated. Gone and gone.

But, I did get some sewing done this summer:

See. That monster is DONE. I have re-solidified my commitment to not make anymore King sized quilts. Unless I send it out to get quilted, just saying.

It did turn out rather well though, but now my Mom doesn't want anyone to sit on her bed anymore (it's quite funny!).

Also, I did finish a super cute baby quilt that I'm hoping to get a free pattern together for. I'm thinking I need to gift it, especially since a good friend just so happens to be having a girl soon. LOVE babies!!

There are a few other projects I'm "working on" right now. I started quilting my first quilt top I ever made, just decided to do loops all over. Not sure why it was taking me forever to decide how to quilt it. I really wanted to do a cool geometric type stitch, but decided to do something I will hopefully finish soon.

I need to get myself to take some photos of the other project I'm working on. Loving it, and can't wait to share!

Wow, sorry that was kind of all over the place. I haven't blogged since summer came, so there's lots to catch up on!
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