February 27, 2010

February Fun

Not much going on this month. Working on the bathroom, trying to get some UFOs done, and trying to keep everyone who gets sick from getting the rest of the family sick. Fun times.

Here's our Valentine's Day photo right before church:

I love it.

Oh, and I finished the Gathered Pillow Cover I started making a little ways back.

I made it and I LOVE it, Ashley is just awesome!! I had absolutely nothing to do with the design of this pillow, it all goes to her (Ashley) over at Make It And Love It. I did my rows 1 1/2 inches apart instead of 2 cause my pillow was smaller, but I wish I had done them 2, would have been easier... oh well.

February 19, 2010


This had nothing to do with design, just something I have been thinking about more often lately.

My husband and I bought our first house in September of last year. We were having a really hard time finding a home in our price range with what we needed. So, of course, I was getting a little bummed out.

One night my husband and I were talking about finding a home. I was in the "we're NEVER gonna buy a home" mode, and, well, my husband was just along for the ride.

At one point in the conversation he said to me "well, would you rather have a hard time finding a house or having kids? I mean, at least we aren't sitting in a huge house with no one else in it but us."

Of course, I then thought of us in a big beautiful house, just us, no kids. I almost cried out loud. Seriously. The thought of me not being able to have kids, devastating.

Next thought, I need to be a surrogate mother.

I really think I do, not right now, life's a little stressful, but I do. I want to be able to help a couple who cannot carry a child, for whatever reason. I couldn't be an egg donor, cause then that's "my blood" so to speak, and I couldn't give it up then.

But, there are people out there who just need to borrow a womb, so to speak. You know, their own baby biologically, I would just carry it for them. I am actually kinda excited just thinking about it.

What do you think of surrogacy? Could you lend out your womb to give someone else a child that's really their own?

February 8, 2010

Scrolling Button Display

I just wanted to say thanks to Be Different...Act Normal for their How-To on making a scrolling button display, that I am now sporting :). I did shorten mine a little, but would never have figured it out solo, so thanks Lorie!!!

February 6, 2010

Snow & What-Nots

This week has been a busy one, well, maybe just the past few days.

Friday morning I had oral surgery, I had one of my front teeth knocked out a bit ago and got the implant put in. It's the first step to getting a whole new tooth, fun times. I had to fast from midnight Thursday. So, like any other human being, I made it a point to stay up and eat around 11 so that I wasn't starving Friday morning while making breakfast for my kids.

I decided to try to be productive during this time, so I watched Project Runway (naturally) and I did my very first Modge Podge project and Cricut project all in one! I just used an empty Cheese Balls jar (I know, Cheese Balls, it's a guy thing...), and modge podged the rectangle first, then the letters. I like it ;)
What do you think? I have seen quite a few blogs that make a really pretty jar for their ribbons and trims, so this is my version (minus all my ribbon...). I did wrap about half of it around old fashioned clothes pins, saw it here: Papertrey Ink. I just need to get lots more pins, and maybe make another jar.

Another wonderful thing about today, and the last few days is: the SNOW!! Oh how I love snow!!! This is our Honda Fit at about 1pm:

The wind is a little rough too, I bet the car will be just about covered by the time it's finished snowing. The kids love it too. My little guy was ready to go out yesterday, think he forgot anything??

And, today, I've successfully crossed a few things off The List: lowering the baby's mattress in her crib, cutting my older guys hair, and hopefully finishing a really cute pillow, like this one, but dark green. I'll let you know about the pillow soon.

ooo, and I've gotta start on the girls Easter Dresses this week, smocking is the goal! Pictures to come :)
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