December 12, 2009

This Week's Ups and Downs

This week has been quite fun...

Monday I went to Sam's Club, and Tuesday the grocery store. Typical stuff right?

Well, Wednesday, I woke up at 5:30 and went downstairs to switch the laundry around. Squish is what I heard/felt with my first step into the basement. Mind you, earlier Wednesday morning it was raining cats and dogs. I mean, the kind of rain that if you were standing out in it it would beat your clothes off (ha ha, sorry, inside joke... post for another day). I then proceed to walk, still squishing, into the laundry room where there is no carpet. My door creates a wave... oh happy day...This is what my living room into the dining room looks like now... uhh, and I just got everything organized after moving...

Now, there are still 3 dehumidifiers in my basement drying it out as best they can. We still need to replace the padding under our carpet once that is done, and install a sump pump. Why would none of the previous owners of our home install one in the 33 years since this thing was built. Seriously??? It does rain in Delaware, and quite a bit at times.

Thursday rolls around to an adventure to storytime at the library. My 2 boys start beating each other in the middle of it, and of course won't stop until I get up and grab ahold of them and threaten. This feels like only the beginning of it too...

Friday is finish up some Christmas shopping morning! Woo hoo, just a little candy and I'm DONE!

Ah yes, and Saturday, lovely Saturday. Today is the second Saturday of the month. What does that mean you ask? Well, that means that I get to go, without ANY children for the morning!! I LOVE my kids, but once a month, I KNOW I will get a small break. Everyone needs one of those right? I get to go to Lil' Country Quilt Shop for Show n Tell from 9-10 am, then off to the Quilting group at the Middletown Library from 10-12. Oh it was wonderful!
I bought my very first Honey Bun!!! I'm so very excited to use it, I plan to make doll quilts for my nieces, hopefully by Christmas. Definitely a tutorial soon to come. There was also this extremely beautiful quilt on display that they will be doing their quilt-block of the month thing this next year for. I mean Beautiful, so of course I bought the pattern :)Here's the Honey Bun I got. It's Moda, Spring Magic line. The Quilted Castle also has it for sale.

December 8, 2009

MIA Hiatus

Yes, I admit it, I have been MIA from the blog-o-sphere for almost a month now. sorry. I guess I was feeling like I was a little addicted... can you blame me? I could sit and read blogs for hours, literally. I can honestly say that I have wasted quite a few nap-time in my day just reading and clicking away. And, by wasting, I mean collecting tons and tons of awesome ideas and brainstorming ;)

However, I have been trying to be as productive as possible!

So, I have realized that there is definitely one thing I LOVE about moving, and that is organizing. Everything needs to find it's new home! I love it!

Another thing about moving is that one has a lot of this problem:

Therefore, I have been piping away at curtains, and now that we've had our first "snow fall" I need to get the curtains up in the bedrooms ASAP!!

We have also got up most of our holiday decorations: the tree, our doorknob hangers, a couple snowmen, you know. I have to say I have come across quite a few holiday items that need to be made for my house!

And, finally, my fireplace has been fixed!!! Yay!! Needless to say, there have been just a few (wink wink) nights that I have sat by my fire instead of plugging away on my blog. Oh the joys of colder weather.

Hot cocoa, here I come!
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