April 30, 2012

This Week

I know I usually do my 'This Week' posts over the weekend to kind of sum up the week before, but this weekend we were a little busy (imagine that with a family of 7).

This week:

My little man turned one month old, still can't believe it's been a whole month.

I pinned this little cutie quilt, hoping to get it quilted up quick and make a little tutorial for it (it was super easy, and used some precuts).

My Mom's Pink and Green King got some love, I got about 60 blocks quilted in just 2 days. I'm hoping to finish it up this week! By the way, I think my husband and I will have to buy a new bed because I'm not sure if I ever want to make another king sized quilt again, unless of course I'm getting it long-armed or a big new sewing room with more space.

We started T-ball season with the boys first game on the 21st. It was so nice to see them playing.

Tomatoes were also planted as well as some brussel sprouts (those are a first for us, and they were a hybrid for slightly warmer temps). The kids helped do the weeding and watering, it's so nice to have helpers.

April 18, 2012

Helping Hands Mystery Quilt - Part 1

I actually finished the first part for this quilt the week before Mr. J was born, but haven't really had blogging on the front burner since then. Can you tell?

Either way, here are my blocks for the first part of the Mystery Quilt:

There's 18 total of the altered 9 patch blocks, 10 of the 4 patch blocks, and 12 of the long rectangular ones, for a whopping total of 40 blocks so far.

I think the blocks without the main fabric (the pink print) look kinda mint chocolate chip-y, don't you? It didn't even come into mind when I was picking the fabrics, but now that it reminds me of ice cream I think I like it even more (though I'm not really fond of that flavor unless it's the Thin Mint one).

The organizer of this mystery was nice enough to email me the second part because I missed March's guild meeting (I was still in the hospital with the baby). I have yet to get started on it, maybe I'll blame my slacking on just having a baby because it's a TON of small blocks with diagonals and HSTs (by a ton, I mean around 50 or so if I remember reading it correctly). Yikes.

I did really want to keep on top of this one so I didn't ruin the surprise of the mystery. I could just keep the last part in an envelope until I finish all the other parts. We'll see.

And, here's a cute baby picture for good measure:

April 3, 2012

Packages, Who Doesn't Love Getting Mail?

As I mentioned in my last post, there was another delivery that I received the week our youngest was born. That sounds kind of funny, like it was forever ago when in reality it was only a week and a half ago. Oh he's so cute, more pictures soon of him.

This was what I found in my mailbox on the 22nd:

Well, it was actually in an envelope, but I'm sure you assumed that. It's my loot from the Rainbow Swap I did. I was sooo excited to get it! And, I will definitely be doing this one again next spring.

There are tons of ideas flowing about what to use it for. Here's a little collage of what I've been goggly-eyed over:

1. I Think I Love You, 2. tutti frutti lieblingsdecke krabbeldecke quilt frankfurt, 3. Nine Patch Quilt Along Progress, 4. full view, 5. 3x6 block, 6. For Sew Chaos Kristin 4th qtr beehive 12, 7. petals mini quilt, 8. demo mdp top for class, 9. values quilt top, 10. Fat Quarterly Quilt Along!, 11. Not available, 12. Not available, 13. Not available, 14. Glamour shot, 15. 3x6 Bee 3rd Quarter Beehive 8 rsislandcrafts

Credit for:
#11: http://bolohead.blogspot.com/2012/03/packages-are-in-mail-and-on-their-way.html
#12: http://gemini-stitches.blogspot.com/2011/12/fresh-sewing-day.html
#13: http://www.fromthebluechair.com/2012/02/color-quilt-top.html

I know that most of these projects aren't really do-able with 4 1/2 inch squares, but they're so pretty.

I'm really leaning towards doing a sampler and using most of these to get inspiration for my blocks. Clearly I'm not fully committed yet, but thankfully I'm not planning on making this for a gift - it will be all for me! Ok, maybe I'll share with the kids... if I have to.
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