May 29, 2011

Summer Kick-Off Quilter's Giveaway!

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I love summertime. Baseball games, fresh fruit, swimming pools, amusement parks, sandy toes, caramel corn from the Fisher's, fireworks, and so much more awesomeness!! 

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, I figured why not start with a giveaway.

What better way to start is there? (Besides a kick-butt beach trip, sorry that's not the giveaway...)

So, here is what one lucky winner will win:

Included in the prize package is:
- 74, 4 1/2 inch I-Spy squares
- 1/2 yard Picnic Parade, Book Stripe Blue
- 10 yards of binding (2 1/4 inch, straight grain, pressed in half)
- 1 package Heat N Bond Lite
- 1 spool Gutterman Cotton Thread, 250 m, color #1040 (off white)

Here's how to win (leave a separate comment for each):
-Leave me a comment telling me what your all-time favorite summer activity is (censored please).
-Follow my blog.
-Follow me on Twitter.
-Like my Facebook page.
-Post or blog about the giveaway and include a link.

That's a total of five entries!

Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 1st at 8pm EST. Winner will then be chosen at random. Please leave your email address with your comment.

May 25, 2011

Spring Planting is DONE!

Oh, it feels great to be done with the garden planting for this spring.

In the raised bed, I decided to do 3 rows down the middle and put my tomatoes in the lower bed. Hopefully things will work out a little better this year.

Here's a photo of the raised bed, all the seeds went in this morning:

I also started a journal this year for my gardening, I figure it would be nice to be able to reference what I've done for years to follow. Go figure right? It's also one of my 'resolutions' for this year. I hate new year's resolutions, so I more have a 'more and less' list of goals in mind, and it so happens that the end of the year is one of the times I review that list.

Here is what I did with the side of the house yesterday:

Last year was our first summer in our house, and I pretty much spent most of it taking out what was already there, 2 ugly ugly bushes and TONS of weeds. So, my sweet Dad brought me some nice nandinas towards the end of summer that he was separating/loving for me until I was ready for them.

I quite like how it's looking, I bought some really pretty begonias, and 2 other flowering plants that I already forgot the name of, and of course didn't write down.

Lets hope the mulch helps and it all will still look nice through the summer.

May 23, 2011

Happy 30th Honey

I'm glad you liked your cupcakes, hahaha. Love you.

May 16, 2011

Living Room & Sewing Area: Progress

It's green! I'm finally done painting, and it feels great!!

It is very green though... and I quite like it.

What do you think?

We have a large mirror to place above the fireplace, and we need to separate the bookshelves on the left wall of the room to fit the piano in the middle. After some covering of the tv cables we'll be done.

After renting for what felt like an eternity, it is so very very nice to have color on the walls and know I won't have to paint it sooner than later.

Another fantastic new area for dear old me is my sewing area.

It is a huge work in progress! I'm hoping to be done with it soon, but it seems like there are so many things I have yet to do. (I was standing on the stairs trying to get a decent picture, no luck)

I still need to:
-hang my Gutterman thread box organizer
-find a carpet I like that's not an arm and a leg
-finish putting my quilting fabric on my mini-bolt things, got the idea at Smashed Peas & Carrots
-organize my pre-cuts (those bought and made)
-buy a cutting table from IKEA (and reassemble my drawers to fit under)
-do something about the overall lighting, I have plenty at the table but...
-find a new home for the extra carseats in the corner, and the stack of bins on the right.

I think I've forgotten something I wanted to do with the space... oh well... you get the point though.

*Side note: I'm thinking of using those shutter doors for something, not sure what yet, but I can feel it, and it's gotta be good.

I'm just glad to finally have it all in one place. I was amazed to see how much fabric I really have once I dug it all out of the million closets it was previously living. No really... it was almost funny.

Believe it or not, there are 100 different fabrics on that shelf, and I ordered more comic book boards because I had at least 20 more fabrics to put up there, see the stack? (Hopefully my dear husband isn't reading this, hahaha).

So, what does your sewing area look like?

Have you been stashing fabrics throughout the closets in your home like I did? Maybe that was my way to keep my husband from seeing all the fabric I have, especially when a few choices boxes arrive in the mail occasionally. Maybe subconsciously? I hope.

May 7, 2011

New Shirt Dress

If only this were a post about a new dress for me, I've been die-ing to make one....

But, lucky for you I have a much cuter subject than myself to share with you today:

I did a Shirt Dress for my youngest using Dana's Tutorial from Made. She's awesome, and honestly this dress has been in my bookmarks for-e-ver (imagine it being said like on The Sandlot, hahaha).

What do you think?

I had to add this one, even though there's an ugly trash can in the background. Gotta love the tongue!

I am tempted to make a whole closet full of these for her, I just love it.

May 2, 2011

Bombastic Weekend

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to attend one of the finest weddings on this side of the Mississippi. For reals guys.

Just look at this bride with her father walking her down the isle:

I don't think she could've been any happier!!

Thankfully she got married relatively close to my hometown, so naturally we stayed the weekend with my Dad. Good cookin', as usual!

On Sunday we went to visit with some of my family, and they were cleaning out their parents garage. Of course they offered for us to take anything we wanted since they were getting rid of just about all of it. Man I scored big!!

Among the items I got were some beautiful picture frames, 3 lamps, some chachkies, and a toddler bed.

Now, even though I have 4 kids, we have never owned a toddler bed before, I always felt like they were too much money for such a short time of use and not quite a necessity like a crib. We just went from crib to twin for each of the kids so far.

Oh my does our youngest love her bed!!

Just look at her.

Thanks so much for the bed Diane, Julie & Craig!!
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