February 27, 2013

Tackling My UFOs

I just heard (found, I guess since it's online...) about 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' and they had me at hello!

I don't know about you guys, but I have just a few UFOs laying around the house, or strategically placed to be forgotten a little while longer.

However, it's time to dig em all out and either finish em up or completely abandon them and turn them or their materials into supplies for something else.

Here's a little collage of the one's I've found so far:

I've added their button to my sidebar, over there ------------------->

So, feel free to check it out, join up if you want to, or just cheer the rest of us occasional slackers on!!

February 20, 2013

Contributing to QFO

Incase you were wondering, QFO if the abreviation for 'Quilting For Others'.

And, for some reason I decided to grab 3 (yes 3) kits to make quilt tops for the QFO in my guild at the November meeting. (Because I have nothing else to do with my time right??)

My thought was, once I get through the madness of Christmas crafting I wanted to make something that I wouldn't have to do the entire process.

Does that sound horribly lazy?

I kinda felt like it did, but the thing is I just wanted to be somewhat lazy in my crafting, or at least take the easy way for once. The kit comes with the fabric for the top and a large piece for the backing, and we are told to make the top pretty much 40 by 60. Easy peasy!

Here are 2 tops I made:

The one on the left was a bargello method that I did at a sit and sew. I've never attempted that method before, but I liked it and there is a lot you can do with it.

The one on the right was just a basic 'stair step' quilt, the blocks consist of only 2 rectangles and the placement makes the steps. This is an easy go-to type of pattern, totally adjustable to your size/fabric needs.

The last one still hasn't been started though, the fabrics in that kit were kind of blah so I'm not really inspired I guess. Do you think it would be horrible to swap out my last kit for another at the next meeting??

I could've been working on some of my UFOs, but what fun would that be?? Hahaha.

Those can be part of my next post, there's a really cool linky up thing to help people along with their UFOs I'm planning to join. Come back and see!

February 16, 2013

2+2=5? Free Quilt Pattern

I had this really cute charm pack sitting around for, oh, what felt like forever. It was the Nicey Jane charm pack by Heather Bailey. These prints cried out vintage goodness to me!

Without cutting them up too much, I whipped up this quick block.

And this quilt, for sale here.

Then this one, for sale here.

I just couldn't stop, they came together so quickly. Without further ado, here's the pattern:

2+2=5? Pattern:

For each block you need:
  2 - 5" squares (charm squares)
  1 - 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle (cut a charm square in half)
  2 - 3 3/4" x 11 1/2" rectangles

To assemble, sew the 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle in the middle of the 2 5" squares. This makes the center 'column'. Then sew one 3 3/4" x 11 1/2" rectangle to either side of the center. You will have a 11 1/2" block.

Lay out all your blocks and switch them around until you like how the second background fabric is spaced. Then sew together the blocks and your done.

To make a baby size quilt (44" square) you need a total of 16 blocks.
  1 charm pack of 40 squares*
  1 yard background fabric
  1 FQ second background fabric
  1 1/2 yards backing fabric
  batting for 44" by 44" top

To make a twin size quilt (66" by 88") you need a total of 48 blocks.
  3 charm packs of 40 squares each*
  3 yards background fabric
  3/4 yard second background 
  5 yards backing fabric
  twin size batting
*Any 5" squares will work for this, you don't have to use charm packs. I do a 5" swap with the guild I attend and those squares would work great in this too.

For the 'All Things Boy' quilt I used 5 inch I-spy blocks I've collected.

Edited to add: I would LOVE to see any blocks/projects you create with this pattern! Feel free to join & share in my Flickr group: Your Lyanna Jean Designs.

February 11, 2013

Outdoors Quilt, a Thank You

Remember that awesome gift that a friend of my Dad's gave to me?

It was a Singer Featherweight, a dream gift! (I can't believe I haven't photographed it yet!)

Well, I finally finished this baby quilt for his son as a thank you for such an amazing gift. I hope they love it!

What do you think?

I had fun using up scraps and making it off center, kinda wonky and all. It felt very good to not follow a pattern, no 'rules'.
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