February 8, 2009

My New-found Excitement!

So, even though I am due with my 4th child in June, there are other things for me to be excited about lately!

For instance, I have just recieved a very nice new sewing machine that my loving husband has provided for me! My very FIRST new machine!! All the others have been hand-me-downs or purchased rehabs. But this one even came in a box! How exciting?!?! I was excited just reading the manual yesterday!

Secondly, my new-found love for FOE (Fold Over Elastic)! Oh, this stuff is so versatile! I woke up early this morning just thinking of all that I can do with this stuff, and my new machine. I feel like a kid at Christmas! Thanks to words from a woman at http://olivejanedesigns.blogspot.com/ , and all her links, I am even more excited about FOE!!!

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