August 31, 2009

This 'Novel' Idea

[Warning] This post has just about nothing to do with crafting...

I decided yesterday that it was time, time to potty train. Oh goodness.

I have a 2 year old son and another son that will be 4 in December. I was trying to toilet train the 3 1/2 year old last fall, but found out I was preggers again... whole nother story.

So, our pediatrician recommended that I wait until after the new baby is born to train him. If I did it then, there is/was a large chance that he would just revert when the new baby arrived, and it would be next to impossible to train him again. errr

This morning I awoke early to go to good old Wal-Mart (by myself) and buy the basic potty chair, no cushions, bells, or whistles please (we already have one with too many parts to take apart and disinfect for me). I got two so that each boy could have their own. [Enter new potties]

Now, each boy will sit on his potty all day long. We will be watching movies, reading books, playing cars, eating, and Lord knows what else to keep them there (please help Lord!). Maybe I should bust out some felt, yarn, and yarn needles as a fun project for them. (there's the only crafting in here, sorry :)

It is now 11:30 am, and I am happy to say that they have successfully been sitting on the potty since 7 am this morning. Lots of happy dances, rinsing potties, and only a few toys to go into the dishwasher (they got potty dipped, eww).

All there is to fear now is naptime and bedtime, I have a feeling that's when the "big jobs" will happen...

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