December 8, 2009

MIA Hiatus

Yes, I admit it, I have been MIA from the blog-o-sphere for almost a month now. sorry. I guess I was feeling like I was a little addicted... can you blame me? I could sit and read blogs for hours, literally. I can honestly say that I have wasted quite a few nap-time in my day just reading and clicking away. And, by wasting, I mean collecting tons and tons of awesome ideas and brainstorming ;)

However, I have been trying to be as productive as possible!

So, I have realized that there is definitely one thing I LOVE about moving, and that is organizing. Everything needs to find it's new home! I love it!

Another thing about moving is that one has a lot of this problem:

Therefore, I have been piping away at curtains, and now that we've had our first "snow fall" I need to get the curtains up in the bedrooms ASAP!!

We have also got up most of our holiday decorations: the tree, our doorknob hangers, a couple snowmen, you know. I have to say I have come across quite a few holiday items that need to be made for my house!

And, finally, my fireplace has been fixed!!! Yay!! Needless to say, there have been just a few (wink wink) nights that I have sat by my fire instead of plugging away on my blog. Oh the joys of colder weather.

Hot cocoa, here I come!

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