May 24, 2010

Yardsale-ing & Chocolate Croissants

So, do I really need to say anything more?

The post title says it all, what could be better on a Saturday morning??? Seriously...

If you're a local to Dover, Delaware, you need to stop by Frankfurt Bakery. They only make so much each day, and when it's gone it's gone. Everything is made fresh each morning! Oh it's wonderful, and they open at like 6:30 am!! By the way, they make the best chocolate croissants I've ever had.

After a delicious breakfast we hit the yard sales. I scored 4 doilies (and now I am sure I can just make some now...), 2 candlestick holders, 4 mason jars, a batman bigwheel, an antique hankie, a small blue and white china bowl, 2 shelves, and a little people airplane. All for less that $20. Awesome... Here's some of my loot:

There was this antique desk, the kind where the actual desk part comes off the back of the chair, but the woman sold it right before I walked up, errr. I would have bought it in a heartbeat, even though I have no where to put it... it was amazing. Gotta lose some...

Lastly, I actually got lots of sewing done this weekend too. I finished up my block of the month blocks from last year that I did with the Quilter's Hive.

These cute skirts I actually cut out and made on Saturday thanks to an awesome tutorial over at Crap I've Made, Thanks Char!!

The first of many matching outfits... I LOVE how they turned out. I may just have to make one for Kit too ;)

She's a ham, I love it.

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  1. The skirts turned out DARLING! I'd love if you'd add them to the Flickr group!


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