June 14, 2011

Save Me! Attach of the UFOs

First, I'll share with you a completely unrelated photo that makes me laugh every time I see it. I managed to take 2 photos within seconds of each other that I feel successfully captured the moment. See:

The best part of it you can't even see, he was laughing too!

Ok, now for the post:

How many of you have UFOs?

Seriously, I think I could go on and on with this one... but for time sake lets just say I have a few.

Yesterday I committed/convinced myself to finishing as many of these UFOs this summer as possible.

The way I look at it, they are all things that are cluttering up my, well, my everything. Granted, they are packed away in baskets/boxes so I don't see them out and about, but I feel like they are clouding my thoughts.

I have:
- The first quilt I ever started (wish I had a teacher to recommend something other than a larger than twin size pinwheel, yea I was set on it)
- A sashiko sampler I finished that has yet to make itself into a pillow.
- Knitted hat that needs a felt brim on the inside and tassels, yea that's all it needs!
- A king sized granny square quilt
- Little girls Christmas Dress that I started about 2 years ago (everything is cut out)
- Counted Cross Stitch of a Wizard, what was I thinking?? (this one may be permanently abandoned...)
- Lots of clothes to make patterns out of or upcycle to cover stains/tears.

I know I've got to have more, and have simply forgotten about them. But, I'm feeling determined to finish these, and I'm pretty sure that I will come across some others on the way.

Now, I am not considering any of these to be current WIPs (yet), since each of these has been somewhat abandoned.

Maybe, I'm feeling a little guilty for quitting on them... I think it's mostly my recent need to clean and get rid of un-needed things. De-clutter here we come!

What about you? Do you have any crafting goals for this summer?


  1. My UFO list is huge right now, espec. because my king WIP is taking up most of my time. I have 4 personal quilt tops and 2 for the primary that need basted/quilted/bound... and 2 more to make for the primary as well, and 2 pillow tops that need completed. I'd really like to get all of my UFO's completed before the end of the year - there is no point in having lovely tops that sit around, get creases, and collect dust/dog hair.

    I have 2 quilt-a-longs I'm starting this month/early July but I think I will force myself to go slowly on those and work on my UFO's at the same time. Piecing is a good break from quilting anyway so they should go well together. I'll keep you posted ;-)

  2. I have a list of UFOs but I think it will get longer before it gets shorter because there are all kinds of new things I want to try. That's what happens when you start reading blogs and on-line tutorials. UFOs will be boxed and housework will be postponed as long as possible!

  3. I know exactly what you mean Jojesek!

    The internet gives us a never-ending supply of how-to's, tutorials, and ideas. I definitely have a long list of things I would like to do.


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