August 5, 2011

Denton Shop Hop

Last night I was lucky enough to escape to a shop hop at the fire hall in Denton, Maryland. It was a pretty small town, either that or I only saw one side of it.

There were some of my local shops there:

Delaware Sewing Center

Lil Country Shoppe. They had a book called Jingle All The Way - Art to Heart that I really want to buy now. The fabric line with it is simply delicious too!

There were also a few shops that I want to venture to now:

Serendipity had some super cute rolls of fat quarters, one of the lines had blue crabs and starfish ~ Loved It!! They also had some beach bags kits that were really cute, and lots of fun toys - I mean tools.

Shady Lane is a quilting shop owned locally by the Amish in Dover. They had really good prices, and lots of cute fabrics. I will be going there within the next few weeks.

There were also a lot of shops from Maryland that of course I don't remember their names.

Lots of raffle quilts too, one was a blue and white hand quilted- GORGEOUS! I would've entered, but the thought of winning that quilt then having to put it into storage for a few years would just make me cry. I would be petrified if the kids got a stain on it!

The thing that bugs me the most is that I took my camera, and of course didn't even take it out of my purse- errr. I did take my 2 year old with me, so that will be my excuse.

I did splurge and buy some 30s FQs:

The snowman FQ is the one I got when I paid to get in- free fabric is always great. But, I paid $3 to get in, so what exactly was I buying?? My FQ I think...

I'm collecting them for a quilt I want to make for myself, maybe my husband will be lucky and I might share with him hahaha. I already have some darker colors, reds and greens, and a few yellows. There was this one orange one I wanted, but they didn't have it in a FQ. Bummed is not the right word.

I got them at a booth with an online shop, I really wanted to get their FQ pack of the full line they carried with 30s fabric, but I didn't bring $100 with me (shucks...).

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