April 3, 2012

Packages, Who Doesn't Love Getting Mail?

As I mentioned in my last post, there was another delivery that I received the week our youngest was born. That sounds kind of funny, like it was forever ago when in reality it was only a week and a half ago. Oh he's so cute, more pictures soon of him.

This was what I found in my mailbox on the 22nd:

Well, it was actually in an envelope, but I'm sure you assumed that. It's my loot from the Rainbow Swap I did. I was sooo excited to get it! And, I will definitely be doing this one again next spring.

There are tons of ideas flowing about what to use it for. Here's a little collage of what I've been goggly-eyed over:

1. I Think I Love You, 2. tutti frutti lieblingsdecke krabbeldecke quilt frankfurt, 3. Nine Patch Quilt Along Progress, 4. full view, 5. 3x6 block, 6. For Sew Chaos Kristin 4th qtr beehive 12, 7. petals mini quilt, 8. demo mdp top for class, 9. values quilt top, 10. Fat Quarterly Quilt Along!, 11. Not available, 12. Not available, 13. Not available, 14. Glamour shot, 15. 3x6 Bee 3rd Quarter Beehive 8 rsislandcrafts

Credit for:
#11: http://bolohead.blogspot.com/2012/03/packages-are-in-mail-and-on-their-way.html
#12: http://gemini-stitches.blogspot.com/2011/12/fresh-sewing-day.html
#13: http://www.fromthebluechair.com/2012/02/color-quilt-top.html

I know that most of these projects aren't really do-able with 4 1/2 inch squares, but they're so pretty.

I'm really leaning towards doing a sampler and using most of these to get inspiration for my blocks. Clearly I'm not fully committed yet, but thankfully I'm not planning on making this for a gift - it will be all for me! Ok, maybe I'll share with the kids... if I have to.

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