February 20, 2013

Contributing to QFO

Incase you were wondering, QFO if the abreviation for 'Quilting For Others'.

And, for some reason I decided to grab 3 (yes 3) kits to make quilt tops for the QFO in my guild at the November meeting. (Because I have nothing else to do with my time right??)

My thought was, once I get through the madness of Christmas crafting I wanted to make something that I wouldn't have to do the entire process.

Does that sound horribly lazy?

I kinda felt like it did, but the thing is I just wanted to be somewhat lazy in my crafting, or at least take the easy way for once. The kit comes with the fabric for the top and a large piece for the backing, and we are told to make the top pretty much 40 by 60. Easy peasy!

Here are 2 tops I made:

The one on the left was a bargello method that I did at a sit and sew. I've never attempted that method before, but I liked it and there is a lot you can do with it.

The one on the right was just a basic 'stair step' quilt, the blocks consist of only 2 rectangles and the placement makes the steps. This is an easy go-to type of pattern, totally adjustable to your size/fabric needs.

The last one still hasn't been started though, the fabrics in that kit were kind of blah so I'm not really inspired I guess. Do you think it would be horrible to swap out my last kit for another at the next meeting??

I could've been working on some of my UFOs, but what fun would that be?? Hahaha.

Those can be part of my next post, there's a really cool linky up thing to help people along with their UFOs I'm planning to join. Come back and see!

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