February 15, 2014

My First Shot at Fancy Sugar Cookies

Ta Da! I know, my photography is crazy good right?? ha ha ha

I'm not quite so happy with how they turned. I guess I shouldn't be that bummed, it was my first try.

Anywho, I used the basic cookie recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle and it was fantastic! I have tried to make sugar cookies before, like with a basic cookbook recipe and those easy mixes (none of them were very good). But this recipe is great even by itself. I think if I rolled them thicker they could even be a soft sugar cookie. And, I am definitely a softer cookie kind of girl.

I also used the royal icing recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle. This was fantastic. My dear husband is such a picky person with frosting, he never likes it. Not this one! He said these were the best cookies/frosting. Score one for me right?!

Needless to say, I am so so happy that 90% of the oh about 120 cookies I made are gone! The boys were so happy to pass them out to their friends for their Valentine's parties at school. (Best Part!)

A little notes for next time:

-Try using 20 second icing instead of piping & flood to put the base color on the cookie.

-Thin my piping frosting just a tad.

-Don't try cursive, for crying out loud just don't!

-Let cookies dry 6 hours, not overnight.

-Buy some more bottles so we can do more colors!

I'm thinking that this type of cookie extravaganza won't be happening in these parts again, there was too much making of the SAME COOKIE. Oh the repetitiveness almost killed me, that and the temporary loss of the ability to hold anything with my right hand. Lol, yea that was fun.

On to quilting!!

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