March 4, 2009

Latest & Greatest!

Last weekend, I went to an old friend of mine's wedding. It was simply beautiful!! She looked amazing (of course) and the food was GREAT!

Since I am 6 months pregnant, I did not want to fork out all the moola to buy a nice looking maternity dress. Soooo, I bought some awesome fabric (that was even on sale), used some selvaged buttons, and I already had thread to match due to the most awesome Christmas present ever (the Gutterman box with over 100 spools, ahh YES!!). And, I made a beautiful dress, that wasn't even "maternity" persay, but the way it was cut, it worked perfectly! All for a whopping $12.00 (and a few hours...)!!!
Here's a picture of me looking a little chunky preggo, but I LOVED my dress!!

Now, onto some future news:

I am going to start selling a purse that I originally designed in high school. Got grounded one weekend, and this was before Dad realized to take away the sewing machine before the TV... funny guy :). So, that weekend the "Ophelia" purse was designed and created (along with a few other needed things- like new curtains)!

It is still my most favorite bag, especially for day trips to DC of NYC. I can go over the shoulder, and be kept snug against you, and also worn on just one shoulder without falling off!! The reason I truly love it is because I can carry TONS in it without it looking bulky or feeling like it weighs a ton! Pictures to come soon!

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