March 11, 2009

My First Diaper Cover!!

So, I cloth diaper my kids. And, well, they have grown out of some of our pockets. Since things are financially tight, I figured, try prefolds... why not? How much different could they be than pockets? Well, the thought of those plastic pants are the store just scares me... And, I know of a few people that make some of the MOST ADORABLE covers- I soo want to buy some of hers: So, I wanted to make one for myself, I have all the material on hand to make pockets (just waiting to get a snap press).

So, here it is:

It definitely need some adjusting, since I just used the pattern for my pockets I make. A little too much fabric in the top back, and unnecessary flaps on front sides... Not too bad for my first shot at it though...

And, this is what I get when I say "let me see your dipey":

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