October 28, 2010


I finally finished picking out all the quilting I did on my first King.

Now, I get to pack it away till after Christmas so I can get all my presents done... whole 'nother world, holiday gift making is.

Been lots of busy lately too.

Got another custom request, this time it's a quilt though. Here's my fabric pallet I'm using:

There's some from the 'Boy, Oh, Boy' line done by Holly Holderman. I just love this line and the girly one she did like it. Whatever isn't in this line is just coordinating fabrics. Gotta love Chick's N Stitches for nice selection.

I bought between 30 and 40 pounds of apple seconds at Willey Farms in Townsend, DE yesterday for $10, oh yea.

So, last night I made my first batch of applesauce. My house smells amazing!!

I'm hoping to get 2 more batches of sauce and one batch of apple butter out of the lot. I love canning.

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  1. Hey, Im from Newark and also LDS, what a small blogging world! No clue how I stumbled across your blog... somehow I have been following it for a bit and just realized today we are from the same area. Cool :)

    Does Chicks n Stitches have good pricing on their fabrics? Most quilt stores carry fabrics like Moda for around 9-10$ so I stick to online stores and ofcourse Lancaster county, PA (making a trip on Saturday in fact, yay! :))

    Happy stitching and yay for having another quilter in the state :)


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