November 17, 2010

I feel productive... well somewhat

I finally got my computer back, and actually hooked it all up. Why is it so terrible to actually plug all the junk in sometimes??

Better yet, why didn't I think to get my hus to do it?!

So, that isn't my 'productiveness' I'm referring to in my post title, though somedays it sure feels like things like that are my only ounce of productivity for the day... yea.

In case you haven't notice, I managed to put together a new blog header:

I quite like it. My first photo montage one. And, yes, I know it's at the top of the blog, but I wanted it in a post so that if someday I feel like making a book out of this nonsense, then it's in here.

Also, I managed to bind & wash the custom quilt I'm making. It's my first one!!

I'm off to deliver it today, it was requested by an acquaintance, and I'll be in the area she works today, so it works out great. Besides, this way I don't have to take 3 kids to the post office... we all know how fun that is (either personally, or watching the poor woman behind you do it).

Have a great last weekend before the holiday madness! Yup, Turkey Day is next week.

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