May 25, 2011

Spring Planting is DONE!

Oh, it feels great to be done with the garden planting for this spring.

In the raised bed, I decided to do 3 rows down the middle and put my tomatoes in the lower bed. Hopefully things will work out a little better this year.

Here's a photo of the raised bed, all the seeds went in this morning:

I also started a journal this year for my gardening, I figure it would be nice to be able to reference what I've done for years to follow. Go figure right? It's also one of my 'resolutions' for this year. I hate new year's resolutions, so I more have a 'more and less' list of goals in mind, and it so happens that the end of the year is one of the times I review that list.

Here is what I did with the side of the house yesterday:

Last year was our first summer in our house, and I pretty much spent most of it taking out what was already there, 2 ugly ugly bushes and TONS of weeds. So, my sweet Dad brought me some nice nandinas towards the end of summer that he was separating/loving for me until I was ready for them.

I quite like how it's looking, I bought some really pretty begonias, and 2 other flowering plants that I already forgot the name of, and of course didn't write down.

Lets hope the mulch helps and it all will still look nice through the summer.


  1. I saw a thumbnail of your raised bed picture and was hoping that the bubbles said things like "I sure hope a bunny does not eat me!" or "Ewww a worm just crawled across my root!" :)

  2. yea, that's a good idea for next time, lol. would've been really funny if it did i'm sure.


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