May 2, 2011

Bombastic Weekend

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to attend one of the finest weddings on this side of the Mississippi. For reals guys.

Just look at this bride with her father walking her down the isle:

I don't think she could've been any happier!!

Thankfully she got married relatively close to my hometown, so naturally we stayed the weekend with my Dad. Good cookin', as usual!

On Sunday we went to visit with some of my family, and they were cleaning out their parents garage. Of course they offered for us to take anything we wanted since they were getting rid of just about all of it. Man I scored big!!

Among the items I got were some beautiful picture frames, 3 lamps, some chachkies, and a toddler bed.

Now, even though I have 4 kids, we have never owned a toddler bed before, I always felt like they were too much money for such a short time of use and not quite a necessity like a crib. We just went from crib to twin for each of the kids so far.

Oh my does our youngest love her bed!!

Just look at her.

Thanks so much for the bed Diane, Julie & Craig!!


  1. It is a pretty awesome bed. Our first night she slept in it was last night, and she did awesome! Slept through the night even. I'm a happy happy mama!!


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