July 25, 2011

Back from the W.Va.

Side note: So, please remind me the next time I plan to go to West Virginia in the summer to check and see if there's a heat wave coming. My grandparents don't have AC still...

Aside from the heat, our trip was great last week!

The kids and I left Monday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon. It felt we weren't even gone that long, that is until we got home and I slept in my own bed again. I love my bed.

We headed to the DC area where my Dad and his wife live, and stayed there for 2 nights.

We went to see the temple and the National Zoo while we were there. When we were at the zoo we went into the reptile house (AC) and my #3 guy was absolutely mesmerized by these little turtles that swam so fast. There just may be a turtle to join our family in the near future (his birthday is in August).

Then on Wednesday we made the trip out to West Virginia, to the town of Weston actually. It was so great to see my grandparents!! I haven't been to the farm in 3 years, and I forgot just how much I really love it. The only pictures I got was of these moths on Friday morning, there were about 20 of them on the garage, all dead. It was sad, the heat must have just been too much for them. There were a few lunar moths, so pretty.

Friday brought us back to DC, and through a very nice thunderstorm on the way home. The temperature dropped at least 20 degrees while we were going through it. Simply wonderful, I love thunderstorms.

What trip to DC is full without going to IKEA? So, naturally my brother and I went on Saturday. It was great to get out without the kids for a little bit, and that AS IS section is tempting...

Hopefully you all are doing well through this heat wave, and having a fun summer at that!

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