March 28, 2012

Introducing Boy #3

This past week there have been a few deliveries that I/my family have received.

Some of them are quite life-changing, where others were just plain awesome.

The biggest (and most amazing) delivery of the week was this little guy:

He came in a whirlwind, that aside from a few key moments, was mostly a blur to me. Lets just say that I am so so so thankful that it is over, and only took about 3 hours.

This boy was a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces, a pound and a half bigger than my biggest thus far.

We are so happy that all went 'well' and that the baby & I are healthy.

I didn't take any photos in the hospital (except the few when the kids came to visit), I was way too sleepy and was in vacation aka brain dead mode. Can you blame me? I only had one little person to take care of! Just about every moment he slept so did I.

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