September 6, 2012

Finished King #2!

School has started, and somehow there still hasn't been much sewing time.

How is that possible??

Oh yea, I forgot I'm trying to put the house in a somewhat organized state after summer. I feel like as soon as I am finished then the kids will have a week off school and we're right back where I started.

We're planning to do a yard sale this Saturday, trying to be more proactive at getting stuff out that we don't need/use anymore. Not only that, but anything that doesn't sell gets donated. Gone and gone.

But, I did get some sewing done this summer:

See. That monster is DONE. I have re-solidified my commitment to not make anymore King sized quilts. Unless I send it out to get quilted, just saying.

It did turn out rather well though, but now my Mom doesn't want anyone to sit on her bed anymore (it's quite funny!).

Also, I did finish a super cute baby quilt that I'm hoping to get a free pattern together for. I'm thinking I need to gift it, especially since a good friend just so happens to be having a girl soon. LOVE babies!!

There are a few other projects I'm "working on" right now. I started quilting my first quilt top I ever made, just decided to do loops all over. Not sure why it was taking me forever to decide how to quilt it. I really wanted to do a cool geometric type stitch, but decided to do something I will hopefully finish soon.

I need to get myself to take some photos of the other project I'm working on. Loving it, and can't wait to share!

Wow, sorry that was kind of all over the place. I haven't blogged since summer came, so there's lots to catch up on!


  1. Cute! Beautiful work. Can we both move to WV now? :)

  2. I know right! You are missing WV already?

    It's quite funny seeing all your pictures of Gracie with her sweatshirts and blankets already! It's so hot and muggy here lately, I really can't stand it.

  3. Hi Lyanna! I lost everyone on my blog roll a few months ago :( and tonight I felt so much like blog stalking that I had search back through old comments left on my blog to find people. So here I am :) That quilt is beautiful!
    I hope you guys had a nice holiday season. Natalee wore her "gingerbread girl" outfit on Christmas Eve. The adorable brown outfit you sent with the rick-rack on the front. I love that outfit!


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