September 17, 2012

Log Cabin Anyone?

My new quilt project (like I need a new one....) is a scrappy log cabin, I guess that's the category it falls in. I have never done a log cabin before, and have seen tons of them online that I love love.

Honestly, I just couldn't wait anymore to finish other things before starting one, although I did quilt and bind a twin last weekend (go me!). The top was from Mrs. Millie, the same woman who has done tops for charity in the past that I have quilted.

I posted about the first block a little while back, and of course all my ideas about how this quilt will end up have changed.

I did take off and change the last strip of the block, I felt like it had too much of the pieced strips. Isn't that medium blue much better?

And, there is also a second block that has joined the party:

Needless to say, I am not sticking with the 9-patch center for these blocks. I plan to do a different center for each of the 6 blocks that will make up the quilt, I'm thinking of keeping them all traditional.

Each block will finish at 24 inches, and I'm really wanting to do some funky sashing like maybe some flying geese or 5 inch squares on point. We shall see once all the blocks are done.

There is some sketching that needs to get done, and a little playing with colors and shapes and whatnot.

I love the design process!

This one is mine, all mine! I may even spoil myself and get it long-armed.

What does my husband think of this you ask?

Well, when I asked him what he thought, his reply was "it looks a little busy." Thanks hun for the "compliment" (wink wink).

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