May 24, 2013

It's really been three weeks

I think I figured out why I couldn't decide what to pick for my goals this month because no matter what I was going to pick it would all get completely throw out the window.

Even as I type I have a one year old attacking my face for kisses, which also contributes to why I can hardly write anymore. Glad for that distraction though!!

Grand sewing plans, yea right.

A project for a cute little bundle of joy on its way had a drastic deadline change, so instead of just chugging along with it it got pushed to the front burner.

I mean, everything came off the design wall and put into a pile. Everything.

Though, I did finish up one of the items on my list of goals for this month (I did have to wait for the backing to ship for the urgent one).

I quilted the tie-died quilt that was made by my friend's daughter. It was her first quilt, and I think she did an awesome job!

Hopefully she loves the quilting! I didn't want to compete with the boldness of her fabric, and I think I succeeded.

Here's the backing for the new project, as well as some matrishka doll fabric I've been googly eyed over for quite some time!

Since I just got this lovely bundle of fabric today, it'll be about a week till I show you the beauty that became urgent. I LOVE it! I need to make one for me too. (doesn't that always seem to happen??)

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