January 23, 2010


My Grandmother is an amazing person. She lives in West Virginia on a farm of about 90 acres. It's the place I want to be, always. It's almost spiritual to me, if that makes any sense.

The house sits on a little plateau like area at the base of the valley and the road bends around it. There is nothing but mountains in sight, and a creek runs through the property, coming right by the house. Simply beautiful.

The way I see it, my Grandma has it made. She runs her own business, Smoke Camp Crafts, making jams, jellies, spice mixtures, herbal medicines, teas and the likes. She has a workshop that is an entire cabin! Hopefully I can get there someday.

One of my favorite things about my Grandmother is her collections. She collects Owl, Basket, China, Books, and Garden Ornaments. These collections seem to be in ''stations," as I call them, around the house, and they are wonderful.

I never really noticed until the last time I was there, that my Grandmother also had quite a few vintage quilts. I asked her about them, and her Grandmother made them. I thought they were quite amazing, here's a picture of one:

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