March 24, 2011

Friday Find: Crochet A Rainbow

This week's Friday Find is a charity-type thing, wow that was specific.

The author of the wonderful (self-titled) website Sarah London has been running this shin-dig for a bit. She is accepting donations of Granny Squares to sew them together and make blankets for flood victims of Australia.

She has even provided step-by-step visual instructions here.

I simply love it when someone organizes something like this, a charity where tons of people contribute what they have and the people organizing it puts the pieces all together to make something beautiful. When you think about it, every person who organizes a charity does this, but with crafting projects it is a much more visual experience. (I am a very visual person)

Here's what I've been working on in my 'waiting time' this week:

You should use your extra yarn and whip up a few, if you have any extra yarn that is...


  1. Hey! I was just wondering what yarn you are using to make the grey and yellow granny squares? I'm getting married soon and am thinking of making a bedspread in those colors. Thanks!

  2. I am just using worsted weight acrylic yarns. The project detailed to use acrylic. Most of mine is just scraps, but A.C.Moore and Micheal's have pretty good selections.


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