March 4, 2011

Friday Find: One Day Without Shoes

Lets start by saying I think TOMS shoes are adorable, no?

Lets also say that I need a pair, seriously, but can't see myself spending that much on a pair of sneaks right now. I'm not on a 'buy something awesome for me kick' at the moment.

The best thing about TOMS shoes is that for each pair they sell, they give a pair to a person/child in need of shoes. They give away a BRAND NEW PAIR.

On April 5th, 2011 they are encouraging everyone everywhere to spend One Day Without Shoes to boost awareness of those around the world that go without every single day. 

I have pledged to blog without shoes on April 5th, 2011, and hopefully I can do something a bit more influential without shoes, like have a party, or maybe just a playgroup... hahaha... without shoes. I need to do something good though, cause honestly, I live without shoes most days (do slippers count???) as soon as the weather is nice, I am sans shoes.

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