March 14, 2011

Split Twirl Skirt Tutorial Review

I made Char's awesome Split Twirl Skirt from Crap I've Made last May, and I love how they turned out!

Even though it has taken me forever to comment on the pattern, I did post about them here. I'm not going to do an all formal review of this because it is a tutorial, so here goes.

First, lets start off by saying that this is a skirt that my older daughter picks to wear constantly, and I'm sure my younger daughter would too if she wasn't 1 1/2. I'm sure she would if she was older. And, I'm also sure that many more versions of this one will be made. (Can you tell we love it?)

The one for my older daughter was made a little longer, which is another great thing about this tutorial: it's so easy to custom make this since you are taking your own measurements! It is pretty much an equation that you are building, a very very easy equation.

The next best thing about this skirt is that it's entirely assembled with rectangles! How wonderful if you want to crank out masses of these for your girls!!

So, I highly recommend this tutorial for Char's Split Twirl Skirt so much so that I think I may be making one this week with linen now that I'm thinking about how easy, fun, and pretty much instant gratification this skirt is, maybe even in my size...hahaha (evil laughs don't translate well to type, hmph).

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