April 23, 2011

From The Library This Week

I go to the Library all the time, so much so that I have a place on my bookshelves just for library books.

Lately I have been reading the Elm Creek Quilts book series. I need to go get book 4 this morning (from the library of course), and I only started about 3 weeks ago. One book a week feel nice, not too much reading that I feel like I'm sacrificing other things. I love it.

Some of the other books I picked up are:

Bake!: Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking

This book is really great because between all the recipes it actually reads, with stories about the author or experiences they had to develop the recipes. There are tons of recipes, tips, and beautiful pictures of instructions as well as final products. It gives me the desire to stay home all week and bake to my heart's content! Oh, the smell of fresh bread... mmm. This one needs to be in my personal library for sure!

Put 'em Up!: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook, from Drying and Freezing to Canning and Pickling

Put 'em Up! is a great home canning/preserving book. The recipes aren't just plain boring, like a lot of home canning books I find that are a bit older. There are 'new' twists on recipes, and some of them seem just daring to me like pickled zucchini, oohhhh. There are plenty of photos, and even some basics info for new canners. Pretty awesome.

Root Cellaring: The Simple No-Processing Way to Store Fruits and Vegetables

Another book I picked up (more food stuff...) is Root Cellaring : the simple no-processing way to store fruits and vegetables. This book appealed to me on so many levels! Not only does this book advise you on how/where to build a root cellar, but it shows you exactly how to pack the foods to optimize their shelf life. Simply AMAZING!! To top it off, this whole thing is encouraging a way to store foods without having to process them, no canning/freezing. Now I want to buy a farm more than ever before, it's funny that a root cellar may now be one of the first projects completed once that happens... more planning.

Of course I had to get some quilting books, nothing like some awesome eye candy!

Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts: 23 Original Quilt Designs

This book is simply inspirational! Amazing, beautiful, wish I had that kind of time book. Check it out for sure.

City Quilts: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired By Urban Views

Last, but definitely no least, is City Quilts. Can you tell I love quilts with a simple repeat? There are a couple of quilts that I absolutely need to make from this book. The simple lines, the straight line quilting, the choice of colors, breathtaking. The quilt I love the most from this one is the last one it the book. I can't remember the name of it, but it's the one with every color of the rainbow. Just awesome.

So, if you're not the library kind of person, I highly recommend each of these books to you! It was quite amazing that I managed to like all but one of the books I got from the library the last time I went, I usually don't have such good luck.

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