April 28, 2011


So, even though I feel like I've somewhat fallen off the 'being creative' wagon for a bit, I actually have been working on things from long ago in the to-do list.

For example, I finally made a hair bow holder for the girls room:

There are tutorials all of the place for these, but they are so easy to make or even to explain how to make. Since there are lots of colors on my girls walls, well only 3 but still, I decided to make one that's white on white and I love how it turned out!

I bought a picture frame from a yard sale, spray painted it white (with a clear coat on top for durability). Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit, mod podged some white paper on it since I used eyelet, I didn't want the brown to show through. I cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches wider and taller than the cardboard, and mod podged it on (no topcoat). Lastly, I cut some ribbon a few inches longer than the long side of the cardboard, hotglued in place, and presto! Done and done.

And to think, I had thought about making the girls some more bows for Easter.... I think I would like to make another one of these, but with an oval frame next time. Maybe we could put the fancier bows on that one, and keep the more daily ones on this one. We shall see.

Another in the works project that we've been working on is finishing up the living room. I love love finally having our own house, and feeling like I can paint the entire thing (and not have to repaint soon). Here's what it looks like at this very moment:

My husband moved the TV over to the right wall, and we moved my sewing table and all it's glory downstairs last night. We stood there looking at what felt like a naked wall now. We're thinking that we'll move the smaller bookshelf from the other wall and put it in the corner, we'll get another to balance the wall. But, we're also thinking of getting some high-back chairs as well. I'm so happy!

Here's some ideas of chairs I'm lovin:

Ikea Stolkholm, multicolored

San Rafael Chair, Pier 1

Mitchell Armless Swivel-Green Floral, Target

Josette Chair, Pier 1

Cadman Puzzle Chair, Pier 1

Temani Chair, Pier 1

Banana Chair, Pier 1

I think my most favorite are the Mitchell Chair from Target and the Banana Chair from Pier 1.

What do you think?

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