October 8, 2011

My First Pouch!

Yes, I am a little behind the wagon with cute stuff to make. And, I usually skip the easier things to make in the process of learning a new craft. For whatever reason, I go big or go home (not always intentionally).

Anyway, on to the pouch:

How cute is that??

It is a present for a very special 9 year old in our daughter's life (aka: her bestie from birth). I asked my daughter what her friend likes: nail polish.

Naturally we just had to make her a cute little pouch to carry these nail polishes in! I hope she loves it, and since she's not the 'everything must be pink' kind of girl I'm thinking these colors are right up her alley.

I used the zipper end cover that Florence at flossieteacakes did on her pouch tutorial (her pouch is adorable!).

I changed this up a bit, and squared off the bottoms so it would sit well with the nail polish in it. I wanted to quilt it, and I think I definitely need to use double batting, or quilt both the outside and the lining. Other than that, I am really excited about making some more!

Very happy with how it turned out.

1 comment:

  1. Cute little bag! I'm sure any little girl (or big girl) would love it! Great idea with the monogram too. :)


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