October 25, 2011

Ripple It

There are a few blogs I like to follow (ok, quite a few blogs...), one of them being Attic24. I love Lucy's color choices and her style.

Crochet was the first handcraft that I learned as a child, I believe I was 5 or 6. Not quite sure when I started because I nagged my mother and grandmother for quite a few seasons before they felt I was ready to learn (or they finally felt ready to teach - not sure which).

Either way, Lucy is doing a ripple-along right now. I've been eying her ripple pattern for some while now, and with it being baby crazy in my neck of the woods there are plenty of baby gifts to be made.

I think this ripple-along will help me stay motivated to finish this gift before it's needed.

This is indeed reviving my love for crochet and it's relaxing powers. Sitting and crocheting reminds me of the time spent with my grandma crocheting. She taught me to make tiny finger puppets when I was about 7. It's funny because stuff like that is all over the internet now.

If you feel so inclined you should join it! There's a Flickr group for it and everything.

Here is the project on my Ravelry.

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