February 29, 2012

Bread Anyone?

Today is grey and rainy. I love these days.

I feel like rainy days are some of the best! The kids and I usually stay home, pushing any errands to another day, and do things like: have a dance party, make tons of cookies, play some videos games and playdough, or just hang around in jammies and read tons and tons of books.

Today was a little different than our usual rainy day though, I had an doctor's appointment I needed to go to. Mema came over this morning so I could go to my 36 week check up. I'm doing good, may not 'make it' to my next appointment which is fine by me (my oldest 2 were born at 36 weeks). And, of course, she had some fun prizes for the kids - new coloring books and jumbo crayons- she's pretty awesome like that.

We folded a few loads of laundry, had a dance party, and had lunch with Daddy after I got back.

During all of this I decided it was a perfect day to make some of this:

Oh how I love homemade bread! I'm thinking this is going to become a weekly event, my house just smells SO good.

I'm not quite sure where I'm getting all this energy all the sudden, especially since the past 2 weeks it seems like the minute my kids eyes are closed so are mine (hence the lack of blogging).

I'm also not quite sure how I got to the conclusion that doing a fabric swap online AND a mystery quilt with my guild are wonderful ideas when I'm having a baby in March (which starts tomorrow...). But, I did get all my fabric cut for the swap, and it's already arrived at the hostesses house! I also got the first part of the mystery quilt Monday evening at the guild meeting, and started cutting this afternoon between stages of bread-making. Go me.

I'm not sure how many more days I will have this burst of energy, but I sure am taking advantage of it!!

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