June 14, 2013

A Little Pink Dress & A 4-Year-Old

My youngest girl is now four. How time flies.

I took some photos of her about 2 Sundays before her birthday.

She's so pretty. I am just a little biased though!

This dress is special too.

You see, it was mine when I was a wee one. My Ma-Maw made it for me when I was about the same age, and seeing my girls wear it just makes me feel good. Really good.

My Ma-Maw sewed a lot of dresses and clothes for me, my brothers, and my cousins when we were growing up. I truly wish I had more of them to pass on.

It was magical what she could come up with for Halloween costumes!

Love you Ma-Maw!

I think my favorite part of this dress is the pinafore. Why aren't these around anymore??

Clearly I need to start making more clothing for my children.

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