July 21, 2009

What to do now...

I was very excited about tackling the task of "girlifying" the blessing gown I had made for my sons. I went and bought the fabric, and some trimmings, and now I completely DON'T like how the new fabric looks draped over the gown.

I wanted to have a sheer fabric, and now I think I want it to have the same draping as the satin I made the gown out of. It looks almost trashy to me to put the two together.

Should I actually return the initial fabric? Or do I add even more to my fabric stash, of which each piece of fabric in it will be made into something, someday?

It feels almost sacrilegious to me to return fabric, no seriously.

I now know, for sure, to take the article with me to purchase additions. Lesson learned.

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