September 24, 2010

Friday Find: Fabric Organizers

Yay for the First Friday of FALL!!!

Needless to say, fall is my favorite season. I don't usually say autumn, not sure why... maybe it's because "happy autumn y'all" just isn't as cute as

Happy Fall Y'all!

On to the Friday Find!

Let me start by saying I wish I wish I had a ton of these!!! I just don't have a room for sewing yet, so no place for my stash to be pretty on these.

The Fabric Organizers are made by DeNiece's Designs.  They come in 2 sizes, large and small, and can hold lots of fabric! For all the specifics head over to their website: The Fabric Organizer.

(Photo from The Fabric Organizer website)

They even have a video with how they put their fabric on them.

All I have to say is: awesomeness!

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