September 25, 2010

Part 6: Along For the Project - My First King

Lets just say that I really liked the varigated blue thread for the quilting that I choose, I wanted the quilt to be "different".

Lets also say that when I started quilting it, I really liked it. It looked good on the dark green.

Lets further say that I continued to quilt, that day during naptime, and made quite a bit of progress, quilting 4 of the 15 inch squares of the 25 total in the quilt.

The next day, I wasn't so sure I loved it anymore. So, I didn't want to work on it...


The day after that, I decided I didn't like it anymore at all. Enter the seam ripper, but not quite.

I completely lost my desire to work on this quilt, OHHH NNNOOOOO!!!

So, what was I to do???

What any sane quilter would do, I got out a large plastic storage bag from a blanket I bought quite a while ago, and I folded my giant, king-sized quilt up, placed all the extra fabric and scraps on top, put it in the bag, zipped it up, and put it away.

Crap, now I have ANOTHER ufo on my list...

This thought lingered, and so did my dreams of finishing this monster (noticed the transition...).

An idea!! I can just use white thread and do straight-ish lines on the quilt, that is after I take out all the blue...

So, I have been pulling quilted stitches out for about a week now, working on it while I wait in my rocking chair for babies to fall asleep. I think I will be done pulling it out within about 3 days.

Now I'm excited about it again.

And it only spent about a month in exile...

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