September 27, 2010

Howard's Shirts #1

This was the project that easily deterred me from working on my King.
A friend of mine from church lost her husband this past summer. This particular couple was an amazing example to us all. They are the kind of people that you wish there were more of in the world!
After a little time had went by, I sent her a message asking if I could make her a quilt using her husband's (Howard's) button down shirts.
Now, I hadn't spent lots of time with this couple outside of church, so I wasn't quite sure what type of fabric, or what types of pattern's I'd be working with; plaids, hawaiians, solids, etc.
I was so happy when she said yes!
To get to the good part, here is one of the quilts I made for her. She gave me lots and lots of solids, whew, and she gave me so many that I was able to separate the colors and make 2 different quilts.
Here is the lighter/pastels quilt. I quite like how it turned out.

I plan to start on the next one right after the holidays. Very excited to see how it turns out!

1 comment:

  1. That is really nice that you did that for her. The quilt is gorgeous too!


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