February 15, 2011

Seriously Comcast??

This was just so ridiculous that I had to blog about it.

Incase the world doesn't know, my Valentine's Day was fantastic!

I was puked on and pooped on all before 8am, fun times. The day could only get better from that point, and luckily it did.

The best part of the day though was our visit from Comcast.

Now, we are Verizon people. We had Comcast when we were first married, but since the switch, we have no desire to go back. Just cause.

So, a door-to-door sales rep knocked at about 5:15pm last night. Mind you, I can't stand door-to-door salesmen, girl scouts are a whole nother story though, they're welcome at any time of the day!!

He sees me in yoga pants, with no front tooth (I had it knocked out, getting an implant, and just recently had the next to last step done, so I walk around my house toothless so it will heal faster), and looking like I haven't left my house in days. It gets better.

He proceeds to share with me how they are offering a $200 gift card for signing up, since some people do have cancellation fees with contracts. Side note: I did tell a little lie and explain that we were about 10 months out from ending our contract. Why did he not get the point that I wasn't interested??

He also wants me to know about all the free stuff I would get for the first year of the contract, again I give him the "I could really care less" look.

Enter my #3 child, and his face is covered in Spongebob Squarepants sherbert push pop, the strawberry flavor. Great, now this guy thinks I don't clean my kids either (I'm still without a front tooth too...).

The best part about this entire adventure is when he finishes his speech.

All these deals ended that very night at 9pm!! And he continues to explain that only Comcast sales reps can give these deals, and they only do them for 1 week at a time. I then wonder, why on EARTH did you knock on MY DOOR with less than 4 hours to take advantage of an opportunity to change cable/internet services. I know, I know, it doesn't take that long to sign up for something like this, but it's the point of the matter.

Needless to say, I was very NOT interested. Besides, this guy just took up about 20 minutes that most of my kids were sitting quietly. Seriously dude...

Hopefully your Valentine's Day was a little better than mine.

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