November 10, 2011

Holiday Crafting In Full Force

How many of you are cranking away at all your holiday crafts?

I'm pretty impressed with myself so far, a little pat myself on the back I know....

Usually December 1st rolls around, I watch it pass, and I still haven't actually started any of the projects I have lined up as gifts.

Not this year folks!

Here are 2 blocks I've finished towards a gift, and since I'm not putting any more blocks into the project I feel like I've passed a milestone within it. They're both the same block, a Star of Hope, and the green came out a little darker in the photo.

Hoping this one will be done by tomorrow.

I've already finished up making PJ pants for each of my boys and their Build A Bear guys (hoping those ones fit... making a pattern from something so tiny was a little different).

Also, on the hook this week is the first scarf (of hopefully a lot) I'll be donating to a local charity that gives tons of stuff to the needy. I'm thinking a few hats and maybe some mittens will be in order too, just depends.

I can't remember the name of it at the moment, it's kind of a long one. But, they give bookbags with school supplies in the end of summer, hats scarves & gloves in the beginning of winter, and many other things to needy children locally throughout the year. A friend from church is a big part of it, so it's nice to be able to give her stuff as I make it.

Yesterday I got 10 Simplicity patterns for $1 each. Seeing that I saved $139.87 printed on the bottom of my receipt was like winning the lottery! Oh it was great I tell ya. I only got 10 patterns, and some 1/2 off candy corn (of course), so almost all of that savings was on patterns. It's absolutely ridiculous how much patterns cost sometimes.

I'm planning on making the PJ dresses for my girls, some bow ties for the boys, and my oldest daughter and I will work on a coat for her doll for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to all the sewing to come!

I even found a great pattern that will make a cute dress for me that I'm hoping will work great for the pregnant belly and even after wards, it's #2660.

Linked up with Our Creative Spaces, please check out the site it's pretty awesome.

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