March 18, 2013

March Mid-Month Check In

Like I said before in my goal setting post for March, I feel like I set a pretty lazy goal this month for the Lovely Year of Finishes thing.

The pant legs have all been serged together, and all 3 pairs just need to be hemmed and the waistband done.

I haven't done anything with the dress yet, still not sure what kind of sleeves I want to put on it. I'm thinking petal sleeves to give it good movement.

I have however been working on a quilt I was already in the middle of doing when I decided to start this 'UFO cleanse'. See:

I've got a big stack of blocks to do another 2 rows on the side and bottom, but my 'design wall' aka vinyl tablecloth with a flannel back is just too small to put them all up. So, the toy room needs to be cleaned before I can lay out all the blocks. I'm thinking tonights activity will be to clean it!

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