March 12, 2013


I love looking back on the day before, or even the past few days, and think about all that happened.

To think about all the nice little things my kids have said or done, think about the weather, think about the things that we did together that made someone happy. Most of all I like to think about the way we all are growing together each day.

For example, my boys have been crazy about tick tack toe lately. We have an easel with a chalk board on one side and this is 'the bestest place for tick toe' in the house. It's so great to just watch them have something else that they can actually do with little to no fighting. The best part though, when no one wins 'the cats won'. Yea, great right?!

We went for a walk yesterday, first time to the park since fall, and it was quite nice. We noticed that spring is just around the corner, and buds were everywhere. I can't wait for the warmer days that are coming.

Not sure if I'm more excited about the weather, or the fact that warmer weather means yardsale season!!

(All my pictures were from yesterday, thanks Mom for my first D&G purse!!!)

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