April 13, 2009

Boys Knitted Argyle Vest

I haven't made too many knitted items that weren't hats, scarves, blankets, or square items. And, it always seems to take me longer than I would like to finish these projects. My love for the relaxing nature of knitting always wins out!!

Since I try to make at least 3 holiday-specific items/outfits for my kids throughout the year (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas), what better to try out than a sweater vest for one of my boys? (I went with the older one, just incase I didn't finish it soon enough the younger could always grow into it :)

I SUCCEED in making this vest, and IN TIME!! YEA!! I just love how it turned out! Even though this is a little advanced (with the color-changing to create the argyle), I could have easily made it with just a solid color or stripe. (lots of options included in pattern, I did create my own argyle pattern).
I think next time I will change a few things, for example, I would do a deeper v-neck since kids have bigger heads proporionately. And, I would do all the argyle diamonds the same size so that the diagonal stripes go through the middle of all of them without having to be broken. But, all in all, I consider this project a success!!

So, I started with a book I have had for quite a while, but never made anything from. I love books that give you a basic, basic pattern and advise you to make it your own. The book is called "Style Your Own Kids Knits" by Kate Buller: image. This book gives patterns for kids sweaters, hats, bags, and motifs from size baby up to about 8 years! SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!
Here are my photos along the way:

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