April 30, 2009

Infants Bandana Shirt- Tutorial

This was something I came across quite a while ago in the library, of all places. There was a vintage clothing book that I borrowed, and so many ideas spawned from this one book.

Needless to say, there was a pattern to make a bandana shirt, but I created one, just to have my 'own'. So quick and easy!
This pattern makes a shirt for a 3-6 month old (approximately- every baby is different!) and uses a 20 inch square bandana. You could make a large size if you have a larger bandana, or even a square silk scarf (that's next on my list for me... :) ), just use the same proportions.
What You Need:
-1 bandana- 20 inches
-About a yard of bias tape
-Sewing machine
First, you need to fold the bandana in half, then in half again (into 4ths). Pin the bandana together around the edges to hold all the layers together.
Then, trace your pattern onto the bandana. The piece for the neck will cut out a 3 1/2 inch circle from the folded corner. So, measure 1 3/4 inches from the corner down each folded side, and draw an arc to joint them. The piece to cut out to make the sleeve and body is measured this way: From the bottom corner that has all the corners from the bandana stacked, measure 6 3/8 inches up and mark a small dot. From that dot, draw a straight line 4 1/2 inches in length perpendicular to the fabric edge. Next, on the same edge of the bandana you just drew the line from, come down 1 1/4 inches and mark a small dot 5 inches from the edge (you will draw the next line to this point). Next, measure 3 3/8 inches from the corner, that has all the corners from the bandana stacked, down the other side and mark a small dot, draw a line 5 1/4 inches long meeting with the dot you just drew. Now, draw an arc connecting the 2 lines. Hardest part is now done! Cut along the lines you just drew.
Now, unfold the bandana, and from the center, where there is now a hole, cut a straight line down the back measuring about 3 inches toward the bottom, this will give more headroom when dressing. MAKE SURE YOU CUT DOWN THE BACK AND NOT A SLEEVE!! (The sleeves are narrower). Now, sew the sleeve/side seams, making sure the wrong sides of the fabric are facing out, if it's hard to tell with the appearance/color of the fabric, look at the hems.
Next step is to apply the bias tape. You first start from the top of where you cut the line down the back. I use a zigzag stitch to first apply the tape to the shirt, with the right side of fabric up to make sure it is secured.
Then I fold it over, and stitch a straight seam as close to the edge of the bias as possible. Now that you have gone down and up the cut you made, it's time to do the neck edging. Leave about 6 inches past the edge of the neck fabric to make a tie, then sew the bias on in the same manner as the last piece you just did. Leave another 6 inches on the other end. Stitch or heat seal the edges of the bias, and you're done!

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